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Dortmund Match Report: Dortmund win the Revierderby 2-1

We dispatched a relegation team. No big deal.

Red Card for Gerlad Asamoah of Schalke Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

BVB are derby champions! We took apart relegation bait Schalke 2-1 away on Saturday to go 22 points up on our rivals. We also keep our lead atop the table. Our goals were from Thomas Delaney and Jadon Sancho.

The first half went well for Dortmund. Schalke let Dortmund do whatever they like in the final third which led to BVB having plenty of chances. After an early FK call, Reus lifted the perfect kick for Delnaey to head in. While there was no other goals in the half, Dortmund kept control of the game. Schalke was starting to complain quite a bit as they would the whole game, but they did keep letting Reus run uncontested the whole half. Reus may not have even been touched while on the ball in the first 45 mins. Dortmund would regret not finishing any other of their chances that half however as the second half was much more intense from 04.

The second half was crazy from the start. Schalke’s protesting paid off when they drew a pen from Marco Reus. The pen was converted and it was a tie game. However Schalke couldn’t do much else the rest of the game because they had no real attacking players on the pitch. After a short brawl and some more Schalke whining, Dortmund retook control of the game. Sancho, who had been poor up until then, put Dortmund back up with a great bit of skill and a nice shot past Farhmann. The game steadily stayed Dortmund dominated the last 15 mins and after 4 minutes of extra time Dortmund took the three points.

Delaney played fantastically this game and was my MOTM. Other then his wonderful header, he was able to keep up and return in kind 04’s shithousery. His ability to disrupt Schalkes possession and win us breaks was fantastic. If this game wasn’t a derby and the soft pen wasn’t allowed it would have been a unmemorable domination from BVB. 04 regularly had trouble keeping possession with Delaney and Hakimi breaking up what seems like half of Schalke’s possessions alone. While Sancho played bad and selfishly most of the game, he had a rough week dealing with a death in the family and was able to overcome this hardship and score the winner. The character he showed not giving up is a bright sign for the young stars future. Reus again proved why he was captain with a masterclass performance. Akanji was also a pivotal player this game, ending some Schalke breaks and defending set pieces with proficiency. Also Burki had another amazing save this game. Usual business for BVB!

What did you think of the game?