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The Daily Bee (December 5th, 2018): Ralph Hasenhüttl in as Southampton Manager

The former Leipzig man is making his way to the English coast

Napoli v RB Leipzig - UEFA Europa League Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images
  • From Redbull to Saint

Its official, former RB Leipzig manager Ralph Hasenhüttl has taken the reigns at Southhampton in the EPL. Hasenhüttl had been a thorn in Dortmund’s side since the controversial Redbulls were promoted to the Bundesliga. it’s definitely good to see him outside the Bundesliga.

With Ingolstadt Hasenhüttl got the young team promoted to the Bundesliga. With Leipzig he helped the newly promoted Rasenballsport qualify for the Champions League. Now that hes been given an expensive Southhampton side that is going down in quality as oppose to RB going up, the manager has a completely new challenge. While I definitely have no fondness for the Raplh’s time in the Bundesliga, if Southhampton perform well under him that will increase the prestige of the Bundesliga, which is a win in my book.

  • BVB Christmas Party

Dortmund had their traditional fan Christmas party yesterday, with the Dortmund players taking part to make the festivities. The players stood behind the bar and served drinks for fans from around the world.

Man I’d love to have Marco Reus pour me a beer.

Daily Buzz: What Dormtund player do you think would make the best bartender? I’d bet Witsel could make a could Martini.