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The Daily Bee: (December 28th, 2018): Bayern Ends its Pulisic-Pursuit?

It looks like Pulisic may be heading to the Premier League.

England v United States - International Friendly
Several media outlets are reporting that Bayern Munich have ended their pursuit of BVB winger Christian Pulisic.

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

It’s Friday! As far as I can tell, there are no top soccer matches anywhere in the world, although Serie A and the EPL will kick off again tomorrow. Bring Friday matches back!

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Bayern Ending its Pulisic-Pursuit?

Yes, several media outlets have reported that Bayern Munich have ended their pursuit of Christian Pulisic, instead switching their attention to Bayer Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz. Havertz is younger than Christian Pulisic, and has received much more playing time than the young American winger.

This will surely disappoint the folks over at, who have written roughly ten thousand articles about the Pulisic rumors, all of which basically said, “Chelsea or Liverpool will probably get him, but there’s a chance, right?”

To be perfectly honest, I think Bayern going after Havertz would be the right move from their perspective, even though Havertz wouldn’t necessarily be the Robbery-replacement that Bayern are looking for. I think Havertz has a higher ceiling than Pulisic, and would probably have an easier time making Bayern’s starting XI.

Roasted Smurfs

Anybody who lives in or near New York City and looked towards the skies last night saw a fantastic and slightly-spooky blue light show, the result of a fire at a power plant in Astoria, Queens. I saw the lights all the way from Westport, Connecticut while driving south on I-95 with several friends. We had a long debate about what could have been causing it, and we eventually settled on some sort of open-air concert. If we had realized that it was coming all the way from New York City, we probably would have reached a different conclusion.

The point of the story is this:

Boom, roasted.

Spurs Watch

Tottenham Hotspur, BVB’s next Champions League opponent, will play Wolverhampton Wolves. Spurs have been steamrolling through the Premier League as of late, so it will be interesting to see whether they can continue this against Wolves, who have played very well in their first season in the Premier League.

The Daily Buzz

If you were in Bayern’s shoes, would you choose to go after Pulisic or Havertz?