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Borussia Dortmund Match Report: BVB win 3-2 over Bayern

A big statement by BVB in Der Klassiker

Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images For MAN

What a match! I can’t feel my face!

Borussia Dortmund have beaten Bayern Munich 3-2 in the fall Der Klassiker. Dortmund came into the match 4 points above Bayern but many gave Bayern better odds to win the match. With the win Dortmund are now 4 points above second place Monchengladbach. Our goals came from Marco Reus(49`,67`) and Paco Alcacer(73`). Bayern’s goals came from Robert Lewandownski(26`, 52`, He wishes at 94`).

The first half was all Bayern. Favre’s game plan was to sit back and attack on the counter which wasn’t a bad plan in itself. Unfortunately Julian Weigl couldn’t maintain possession and Bayern took advantage of him all half. While we did have some successful breaks in the first half, we were not able to make anything of them, only getting one shot in 45`. Bayern’s goal came from JBL and Zagadou both slouching of their marks, letting a cross come in and get finished by Lewandowski. Burki may have made a great save like that but I can’t exactly blame Hitz when his defenders don’t clean up.

The second half is where the excitement happened. Weigl was taken off for Dahoud who played amazingly all half. Reus got a break on through in the 49th minute and was able to draw a pen off Manuel Neuer. While Marco was fishing for it, the pen was fully deserved. He slotted it smoothly to tie the game up. Only a few minutes later Lewy scored another off a play I can’t quite understand. Our whole team just jumbled up in front of the goal and let the cross hit Lewy with ease. That type of defensive instability hasn’t happened to BVB in awhile. Fortunately the mistake didn’t weigh the team down. The addition of Paco added more pressure onto a already faulting Bayern. Sancho served Reus and Paco quiete a few easy chances that could have put the game away. Reus finally made good on one of our many chances by scoring his best goal of the season. He received a cross off Piz and skipped the ball up perfectly into the corner of the net. At 2-2 Dortmund kept attacking as Bayern made less and less dangerous chances further. The winner came from Paco Alcacer slotting the ball home after the team passed all the final third. To keep the lead Dortmund subbed on Delaney for JBL and were able to hold until the end. Lewy had one last chance at the 94` minute but scored in an offside position.

The whole team did their job today. Marco Reus was our MOTM scoring his brace an creating tons more pressure and chances on top of that. Hopefully this game proves anyone who had any doubt he was a world elite player wrong. Axel Witsel is the only reason Dortmund looked competent when they did not have possession, and the only one who was able to keep us from losing the ball in a press in our own half. This maybe his best game for us so far and that says a lot. Piz also played great today. At the start of the season it really looked like his time starting for BVB may be done. Today he played like 2011-2012 Piz, exactly what BVB need to continue our Bundesliga campaign. Sancho did not score, but this is a game people will remember from the young star in what is sure to be a crazy career.

I cannot believe this game went so well. A great day to be a BVB fan! What did you think of the game?