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Borussia Dortmund to play Los Angeles Football Club in International Champions Cup.

Los Angeles Football Club Stadium Groundbreaking Ceremony Photo by Greg Doherty/WireImage

Its official, BVB will be coming stateside this year. The club has announced they will be playing a friendly against the newly created Los Angeles Football Club this summer in the ICC. While the ICC does not matter to anyone and many of our main players probably won’t see a lot of minutes, it will be a great chance for US BVB fans to see their club. The other game and location BVB will be playing has not been announced yet. Hopefully it will be somewhere on the east coast to increase BVB’s reach.

LAFC will be playing their first season in the MLS this year. If there is one fun thing to look forward to this game, it’s that there is now a non-zero chance we can see some hi-jinx between LAFC owner Will Ferrell and BVB God King Nobby Dickel. At the very least we will get to see fans of both sides cheer on Christian Pulisic as he tears through MLS opposition.

So who’s going to see the game?