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Daily Bee (January 18th 2018): Aubameyang forgiven and set to start against Hertha Berlin

Benefizspiel, Borussia Dortmund gegen Sat.1 - Helden am Ball Photo by Team 2 Sportphoto/ullstein bild via Getty Images
  • Auba back

Kicker are reporting that Stoger has forgiven Aubameyang for his antics last weekend and will allow him back in the squad. Aubameyang was left out of the squad after skipping a team meeting a leaving practice the day before the Wolfsburg game. He also reportedly refused to play our game vs Munich. If the rift between Auba and the team can be healed it would be a huge benefit to the team. While Aubameyang definitely has to go it is better to sell him in the summer then panic sell him now with no set back up. When Aubameyang plays he tries hard, even when he has had trouble with the club in the past. The guy just loves to play the game. I think if he is promised a summer transfer he will play hard for us the rest of the season then can make a more mutually beneficial exit.

  • Bartra rumors may be bogus

RN reported that there have been no known transfer requests from Bartra so far. Earlier this week Sportsbild reported that Bartra was looking to move home to Spain this window. Bartra has become a fan favorite since his bravery in the face of his near death experience and noone can blame him if he feels like he needs to leave Dortmund.

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