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Watzke: André Schürrle needs to “find solutions on the pitch” to save his Dortmund career

There’s a quality player in there somewhere.

Borussia Dortmund Marbella Training Camp Photo by TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images

Things haven’t exactly worked out for André Schürrle since he moved to Dortmund in 2016. He has shown his quality in the past, but injuries have hampered most of his time at BVB.

Schürrle has only made four appearances this season and has been largely underwhelming when he has gotten the chance to play. There have been rumors about a possible transfer for him this January, but recent comments from Hans-Joachim Watzke make it seem like André still has more time at Dortmund.

Watzke is a blunt guy, and this statement is no different. Injuries are a legitimate excuse, but even when he has been healthy Schürrle has not been very good at BVB.

He has been quite successful elsewhere though. His numbers are strong from his time at Mainz, Leverkusen, and Wolfsburg. The only blip on his resume is his time at Chelsea, and there he still put up decent returns at a club that is notoriously hard to succeed at.

Schürrle is still an important piece of depth for Peter Stöger’s team. He can play in quite a few different attacking positions, and is essentially the closest thing that Dortmund have to a back-up striker.

BVB could really use some quality contributions this season from the 27-year-old World Cup winner. But it’s clear that if things don’t improve for Schürrle then he could easily be on his way out of the club this summer.