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Champions League Match Preview: Dortmund try to keep UCL hopes alive as they face defending champs Real Madrid

Borussia Dortmund Training And Press Conference Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Today we play Real Madrid in the Champions League. Even at home beating Real Madrid will not be easy for BVB. After getting battered by Tottenham Hotspur, things are not looking great for Dortmund in our group. We will most likely need results against Madrid to have a shot at getting to knockouts. We were able to force two ties vs RM last time around but this time that may not be good enough.

It’s not a hot take to say Madrid have a more talented squad then BVB. While RM have had a rough run of things lately they will be firing on all cylinders on the biggest stage. With stars like Ronaldo and Bale our defense is going to have a bad time. Burki will need to be the all-star he has been in the league so far rather then the sloppy Burki he was in Wembely. Its unclear who will start next to Sokratis as center back today but one thing is clear, if Bartra starts he needs to not get totally embarrassed by Bale. For fullbacks Toljan and Piz should work out for fullback, however Piz has been looking bad recently and will probably be our major concern this game.

Both of our teams have elite midfields. Weigl’s effectiveness will be key to picking apart Madrid. As the player who controls the movement of the team while in possession, he is our best chance at creating something against Los Blancos. I think Sahin also deserves to get the start against his old team as he has been playing so well this year and can make the hockey assist pass needed at any moment, however we won’t be so bad off with Mo Dahoud playing instead. Please god no Castro.

For the wings Pulisic, Yarmolenko and Phillip are all great options. As Yarmo did not play over the weekend he will probably start. Pulisic and Phillip are about even in quality but with Phillip being on a hot streak he may get the nod first. Our AM is probably Gotze or Kagawa, another good problem that shows just how deep this team is. You know who our striker will be.

I doubt Bosz will sit back and just absorb pressure this game. We are not that kind of team. He will most likely have the team playing in an aggressive press with Sokratis and Weigl sending won balls deep to the wings. If we go up, possession will be the name of the game, Weigl again being the center piece that keep everything from falling apart.

What are your predictions for the game?