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The Daily Bee (September 13th, 2017): The Chaaaaampioooons!

And World Cup tickets

Borussia Dortmund Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images
  • Champions League results

The Champions League is back! Unfortunately it didn’t really give us a lot of memorable moments yesterday except maybe the fact that Messi is still the best player in the world.

Barca winning 3-0 at home versus Juventus might have been the biggest surprise of the evening, not the fact that they won but rather that it was so decisive. As for the rest we got mostly the expected outcomes.

Tonight, Dortmund will play the Tottenham Hotspur in Wembley and look for a good start to the competition even though BVB will be missing Schmelzer, Bartra, Guerreiro, Subotic, Schürrle and Reus....yikes. Oh and Weigl traveled with the team but he’s still questionable. Fortunately the black and yellows have the depth that they were missing in previous years to still get the desired result in England.

Other than BVB’s game, Leipzig will take on Monaco in their first ever Champions League-game and Liverpool will get a visit from FC Sevilla. Both games figure to be close ties as well.

  • World Cup tickets

Starting tomorrow at 11am (CET) the first phase of World Cup ticket sales will start for the tournament next year in Russia. The procedure is mostly the same that has been employed at previous iterations of the tournament. The tickets will be available only via the official FIFA-site, since there will be a lot more inquiries than actual tickets, there will be a draw between all the participants. There are different categories in tickets with different price points and different criteria to chose from. There is a possibility to ask for tickets for a specific team, even though most teams aren’t even qualified yet or for a specific stadium.

Daily Bee: Two things: 1. Will any of you apply for WC-tickets and 2. Any predictions for today?