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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang declares that he is staying at Dortmund

We can close the book on another year of Aubameyang transfer speculation

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AC Milan v Borussia Dortmund - 2017 International Champions Cup China Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

After another long summer of rumors, it appears that it’s finally safe to declare an end to this year’s transfer uncertainty regarding Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

BVB’s star striker has been linked heavily to PSG, AC Milan, and even clubs in China. It’s unclear just how close he was to a transfer, but now Auba has finally come out and asserted that he will be at Dortmund for the coming season.

Welt supplies the quotes, and here’s a poor translation:

WELT AM SUNDAY: Lastly, much has been speculated: Is Aubameyang going or staying? How did you follow that?

Aubameyang: I was on vacation, and nothing brings me out of my mind. But of course I did. I had to laugh a lot. Especially about the many advice given to me: Auba is supposed to do this, Auba is supposed to leave this. That amused me.

WELT AM SUNDAY: But a change to China was an option for you? Her father was supposed to be there for talks.

Aubameyang: No, my father was never in China. Of course, China was an option. It is normal that you think about it when you are offered so much money. I know that many people have said that you can not go to China because football is a step back.But I think that every person would think about it when he gets such an offer.

WELT AM SUNDAY: So you had an offer?

Aubameyang: Yes, I had an offer. But I think the Chinese have been hard pressed to make an offer to BVB. I think that the structures are not yet as professional as in Europe. I also noticed the back and forth when changing from Anthony Modeste. I am for clear things. And this matter was anything but clear, so I put it aside. I believe in God and fate. I believe that it makes sense that it has come so. This is definitely right.

The interview also touches on a few other things going on with Aubameyang, but this section is the most relevant to Dortmund.

Auba mentions in the interview that he is someone who likes to have fun, so you can understand him being totally consumed by his vacation time this summer and not concerned with the transfer rumors constantly swirling. The season is long and exhausting, and the players deserve time-off to focus on their families.

But this is good news! Aubameyang has never really seemed unhappy at Dortmund, despite continuous rumors and stories about a possible departure.

As we saw with his goal against Bayern yesterday, he’s still a top striker. Surely he’ll have another big year at BVB this season.

Now we just need him to tell Ousmane Dembele to stay as well!