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Supercup Match Recap: Dortmund lose on penalties to Bayern in rough game for both sides

AC Milan v Borussia Dortmund - 2017 International Champions Cup China Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Well that game was something. We lost on penalties to Bayrn Munich in the DFL Supercup after tying in regular time 2-2. Overall the game was fun but did not show us much. The BVB goals were from Pulisic and Aubameyang.

The first half was absolutely wild for a pre season game. Both sides took it back and down the field the whole half, each getting chance after chance. Our first goal of the game came from American hero Christian Pulisic as he got the ball on a break away and slotted it easily. As the half went on it became more and more Bayerns game. Bayerns goal was an offside strike from Lewy that VAR failed to overturn. It will be interesting to see how VAR plays out in Germany if it continues to fail as it did. Luckily it was just a preseason game. The standout player of the first half was Burki, who stopped chance after chance from Bayern.

The second half did not slow down one bit. The back and forth chances continued as no side found an edge. Aubameyang scored off a break to put BVB up 2-1. Seeing our front three on a break is so exciting and if the rest of the transfer window is quite then DAP (Dembele, Aubameyang, Pulisisc) will be a fun show all season. BVB looked like they were going to keep their lead until a late goal put them up. Sahin took a couple of shots at goal from free kicks in the half but none of them really went anywhere. The goal itself was another mess but at least Bayern earned this one. Our defense lacked this game and the second goal showed that we just aren’t cohesive on the back line yet. After the second half the game went straight to pens which Bayern won.

Overall the game was just two great teams playing badly. It wasn’t a face game because of design as much as the players just not being ready on both sides. The man of the match was 100% Burki who was a beast all game.

What are your takes on the match?