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Supercup Preview: Dortmund and Bayern limp into the season

The season is here.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

We are getting much closer to BVB football. After a tough preseason we have our big (meaningless) game against Bayern Munich to take home the German Supercup. While both teams have improved themselves over the transfer window, they both have also struggled in their preseason games so far.  This game will be messy.

For Bosz and the rest of BVB this will be their first true test. Bosz has had trouble figuring out an identity for the team so far this off season. Hopefully he has the team well drilled for some real competition. Without Weigl it's understandable the team is having trouble getting together, we have always known he was the center of this team the past two seasons.

With guys like Dahoud and Sahin Bosz should be able to figure out a midfield shape that works. In terms of firepower we are just about as set as last season. The addition of Maximilian Phillip is a small bonus, but Aubameyang and Dembele are going to be the go to guys for the beginning of the season. It would be nice for Bosz to give Phillip a run out though.

Our back line is where we changed the most this offseason. We let Ginter go and got ourselves Omer Toprak and Dan-Axel Zagadou. While Toprak had more hype coming into Dortmund, Zagadou is the one who has everyone talking. His size and game knowledge is impressive for someone his age. While there has been concern with Toprak, we need to give him more time to settle in wearing black with his yellow before we judge him too hard. I think our first choice CB's are still Marc Bartra and Sokratis "Destroyer of worlds" Papastathopoulos.

Bayern are still Bayern even with a bad start. Their stars are still their for the most part and even with their losses they gained players who were much better. The most interesting addition to the Bavrarian side I'd like to see this game is James Rodriguez. James, unfortunately is injured for the next few weeks and will not make an appearance. Bayern has such a large squad that it is hard to say who will be playing and who won't. No matter the players they are going to look to press a Weigl-less BVB side who relies on possession. If we aren't careful Bayern could run rampant on fast break after fast break. With guys like Mueller and Lewy, Bayern still has top class firepower.

What are your predictions for the match?