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The Daily Bee (August 31st, 2017): Deadline Day

Chelsea v Manchester City - FA Youth Cup Final: Second Leg Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images
  • Deadline Day

Finally the dreadful transfer business will come to an end. It was a quite tumultuous summer after the Neymar-transfer led to series of new transfers and many, many rumors.

Dembélé is gone but Zorc and Watzke put the money to good use, buying Yarmolenko and Toljan to strengthen the squad and it looks like they’re not done yet.

The long-rumored Jadon Sancho is still available and Dortmund are looking to add him to the roster. However the situation is a bit tricky. Sancho is currently a youth-player for Manchester City and refuses to sign a contract with them. Many top-clubs are interested in the teenage sensation and if Dortmund are able to bring him in he would cost barely anything since he doesn’t have valid contract with City.

On the other hand he’s currently refusing to train with City and to communicate with people from the club. Does that remind you of anyone? Yeah. Not great. You could argue that his situation is a bit different because he hasn’t signed a pro-contract with them but still. Complaining about Ousmane Dembélé’s behavior on one side and then signing a guy who uses similar tactics is more than just a little bit hypocritical. But let’s not count the chickens before they hatch and see how this plays out.

UPDATE: According to this kicker-report, Sancho was not on strike. He had a youth contract with City that he resigned weeks ago. He was not officially a City player anymore when he “refused” to train with them. Earlier reports out of the UK claiming he refused to train or speak to City officials were apparently wrong.

As for all the other “Deadline Day”-deals, check out the tracker that will give you all the latest news in the world of soccer.

Daily Buzz: What do you think will happen today or which move do you want to see? Coutinho still going to Barca? Mahrez joining our CL-opponents Tottenham? What will be the biggest move on the last day before the craziness finally ends?