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The Daily Bee (August 18th, 2017): Next BVB-player speaks out about Dembélé

Nothing official on Toljan/Durm/Passlack yet

Borussia Dortmund Season Opening 2017/2018 Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images
  • Castro talks about Dembélé

In an interview with BILD, Gonzalo Castro has spoken about the Dembélé-situation and how it affects the team. Castro is the second BVB-star, after Sokratis a couple days ago, who has criticized the Frenchman for his actions. Here are some of the quotes:

“We were shocked, because it was new to us. In all my years I had never experienced something like this personally.”

“We should not forget that he’s just 20 [years old] and we don’t know who’s behind his actions and who guides him. I know out of personal experience that you can’t decide everything by yourself when you’re 20. But it’s also clear: There are contracts and the club is above everything.”

“We have to wait and see, [...] and if he comes back. If he does he’ll need to send a clear message.”

Asked if he or the team had any sort of contact with Dembélé, he said he did not but couldn’t talk for any of his teammates but added, “You could be sure, that we would tell him that he could not do that and that his behavior is detrimental to the team.”

  • Toljan/Durm/Passlack

Don’t expect a transfer until after this weekend. Julian Nagelsmann said in his pre-game press conference he didn’t know anything about a transfer and expects Toljan to be in the squad for their game against Werder Bremen.

Nevertheless a transfer looks likely. The incumbent sale of Erik Durm to VfB Stuttgart suggests Dortmund will still make a move at the fullback position and Toljan seems to be their target. In all likelihood the deal will be finalized after both teams have played their first game of the season.

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