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Pokal Match Recap: BVB begin their title defense in easy 4-0 victory

Real Madrid CF v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

When one of the top teams in the country plays a 6th tier side, its not hard to predict who will win. BVB won 4-0 against Reilasingen in the first round of the Pokal today in an high scoring display. The BVB goals came from Marc Bartra(1) and Aubameyang(3).

The entire game really only went one way. The whole BVB team sat in the opposite half passing back and forth with ease. While Reilasingen did have a few breakaways, Sokratis and Piz were able to handle any chances that came their way. Burki was forced to save the ball twice but nothing too hard for our first choice keeper. The first goal came from a Beste pass to Bartra who buried it on a angle easily. The next three goals were from Aubameyang over the course of the game. His first was a penalty that was drawn from Phillip. The next another goal off a Beste assist. And finally he scored a goal that was clearly offside.

There aren’t a lot of real takes we can get from this game. We beat a 6th tier side easily just as we should. Beste looked quite good as he has so far in the preseason. He may become a good option for BVB, especially since we always have injury problems. Aubameyang looked like he was having fun and did not give up on a single ball. It seems the off the field issues plaguing BVB right now are not bothering him. Mo Dahoud looked good today bit it is still to early to say if he will be a quality first teamer for us right away.

What are your opinions on the match? Let us know in the comments.