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The Daily Bee (July 5th, 2017): Europa League upsets and the dog days of summer

Rangers v Progres Niederkorn - UEFA Europa League First Qualifying Round Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images
  • BVB news? Nope

Not much going on in the BVB front within the last day. Dembele rumors still going and Ginter is fully taken care of. Aubameyang has supposedly been given 10 days(9 now) to figure out his future at the club. The source was dubious at best and probably takes his cue from the China leagues transfer window ending within the same span. Weather Auba does decide to go China is still up in the air. With Lacazette seeming set to go to Arsenal it may be hard to find a replacement for the star striker.

  • Scottish Football titans embarrassed in Europa League

Some fun things in Europa League yesterday as Rangers were beaten by Luxembourgian club Progres Niederkorn. The best part about is that Progres was the 4th place team in the Luxembourg league last year, making the defeat of the Scottish side even funnier. A top tier side being beaten by semi-pros is what makes football so fun.

  • Here is a dog

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