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The Daily Bee (July 3rd, 2017): Germany are Confederations Cup Champions

Chile v Germany: Final - FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
  • Confederations cup final

Well Germany are champions yet again...even if it is a cup that nobody really cares about. German defeated Chile 1-0 in the final after using their B team for most of the tournament. All in all a good showing for the national team as they prepare to defend their world champion crown in next years World Cup. If there is one thing the confederations cup taught us it is that it is mostly a useless tournament. The stadiums were rarely filled and stars from many teams decided not to participate. Maybe FIFA will give up on a clear cash grab cup that’s only around to drum up World Cup hype, but probably not.

  • KietaBowl

The race for Naby Keita is heating up. Reports have Liverpool getting set to offer a club record offer for the Leipzig midfielder. As long as he leaves the Bundesliga and our new rival for the top Leipzig I’ll be happy.

  • Germany did a thing

After the first ever BVB pride day earlier this year, Germany has now legalized gay marriage. Guess Dortmund is ahead of the curve. Good job Germany.