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Join the Fear The Wall Fantasy Bundesliga League

So twitter has demanded that we do another year of FTW fantasy league. The site has grow quite a bit the last year and people seem to be interested in doing the league again. This time it won’t be the combined league with our friends at BFW but we invite all fans of Bundesliga to come join.

The League in on the Bundesliga’s official fantasy site and is called Fear the Wall(different from last years BFW + FTW). I’ve always found it hard to keep up with fantasy league but this year I want totry to beat as many of you as I can.

As for a prize I think I’d be willing to have some sort of award for first place in the league. Maybe some cheapness BVB stuff or some award related to the site.

We hope you guys join the league and enjoy what is sure to be an interesting Bundesliga season.