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The Daily Bee (July 24th, 2017): Zorc ain’t happy about silly Auba-claims

AFC Sunderland  v Borussia Dortmund  - Friendly Match Photo by Deniz Calagan/Getty Images
  • Zorc comments on Auba-reports

As we all know BILD claimed that Aubameyang would leave in January. A report that was quickly squashed by Dortmund via a tweet that denied any negotiations with any other club for Auba.

Now Zorc has commented on those reports once again, and he’s not amused to say the least. Talking to kicker he said: “There are no talks. There are no negotiations. There aren’t even any indications (of a move).” In addition he was disappointed with the “quality” of the recent media coverage “It’s a surprisingly new quality of reporting, sadly not a positive one, if such claims are made even after a clear denial.”

So there you have it folks, Zorc is pissed and Auba is staying. End of discussion.

In addition, Zorc commented on claims made that BVB made an offer to Anthony Modeste to replace Aubameyang and denied such an offer actually happened. He stated: “Even if someone scores 25 goals in a season it’s still a long way off an offer. There was never one (an offer) from us.”.

  • BVB chasing the next talent?

According to The Mirror, Borussia Dortmund are interested in Manchester City’s talented winger Jadon Sancho.

The 17-year-old, who prefers to play on the left wing, reached the final of the U17-European championship this summer with England. Sancho was the revelation of the tournament, receiving the honors of “Best Player of the tournament” after he scored 5 goals and had 5 assists in 6 games.

Sancho hasn’t signed a pro-contract with City yet because of the slim chances of actually getting playing time under Pep Guardiola. That might be Dortmund’s or any other potential suitor’s chance of landing one of the biggest young talents around. However BVB are joined by Tottenham, Arsenal, Leipzig and several other big names in the chase for Sancho.

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