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The Daily Bee (July 21st, 2017): DFB punishes BVB for fan behavior

AC Milan v Borussia Dortmund - 2017 International Champions Cup China Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
  • DFB punishes BVB

Borussia Dortmund have been punished by the DFB for fan behavior in the DFB Cup final in Berlin, the semifinal in Munich as well as two Bundesliga games. BVB will have to pay a fine of 95000€ (30000€ can be used for safety related measures by the club) and they are on probation until May 31st 2018. If there are any more incidents Dortmund will receive a ban for one away game while the club would have to compensate the lost revenue. In addition the Dortmund fans will have to get every choreo sanctioned by the club in the future and might receive a ban for all choreos if there are any other incidents.

On one hand this is a pretty hard punishment but on the other hand it is not the first incident and their use of pyro during the DFB Cup final was simply stupid. Hopefully this will be the last time something like that happened because the loss of choreo’s would be a hard blow for all BVB-fans.

  • Neymar to PSG looks likely

You have probably all heard the rumors of Neymar going to PSG for a world-record fee this summer. While this still sounds a bit ridiculous because it would amount to a total of over 500€ million if you factor in Neymar’s wages, agent fees and taxes in addition to the 222€ million release clause but nevertheless it looks like it might actually happen.

Why is this important for BVB you ask?

Well this would mean that Barca has 222€ million to spend and a winger position to fill.....they will definitely go after Ousmane Dembélé. We all know Ous has been on their radar for quite some time now and the winger himself is keen on moving to Barca at some point in his career but it looked “safe” this summer. A move for him now wouldn’t have made sense because he has a good situation in Dortmund and Barca simply had no need for him but that might change now.

Dortmund still has the upper hand because he has a long contract (until 2021) and no release clause but Barca will go after him hard if they lose Neymar. The timing couldn’t possibly be worse because we’re already pretty late into the transfer window and finding a replacement would be tough. In a perfect world I would say Zorc needs to stand strong and refuse to move Dembélé in any case (or for extremely silly money) but we all know that the players hold the power nowadays. The only good thing is that Ous has basically no leverage to force a move considering his long contract and the fact that he basically can’t force Dortmund to sell him even if refuses to play because he has low wages and BVB are loaded at the winger position. Dortmund could simply force him to sit out his contract.

Well, we’re not quite there yet. Nothing has happened but don’t be surprised if this story gains traction in the coming days.

Daily Buzz: Neymar to PSG, do you think it will happen? And if it does should we be worried about Ous?