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The Daily Bee (July, 13th 2017): New away-jersey presented

Sporting Clube de Portugal v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images
  • BVB present new away-jersey

Dortmund have finally presented the new away jersey for next season. After the traditionally yellow home jersey and the weird looking grey third kit we now got the away jersey and it’s black just like it was last season.

Now the only one that’s missing is the Champions League kit for next season.

  • BVB travel to Asia

Today the team will travel to Asia where they will start their tour in Japan and continue in China a few days later.

In Tokio, Japan they will take on the Urawa Reds on Saturday July 15th and a few days later they will play AC Milan in China on July 18th.

  • PEA-saga continues...

This one will just simply not end.

In recent days he’s been heavily linked with AC Milan and Chelsea. Most reports however seem very questionable, both RN and kicker still claim that Dortmund has not received a single offer for Aubameyang this summer.

Both clubs seem like odd choices for Auba if it’s true, Milan have already bought André Silva this summer (38€ million) and still have Carlos Bacca on the squad while Chelseas just seems like a bad fit. They have been linked to Lukaku all summer long before ManU swooped in and “stole” him, going from Lukaku to Auba just makes no sense considering that both hav very different skill-sets.

Meanwhile PEA himself is travelling with Dortmund to China and I’d say there’s a pretty good chance he’ll play for Dortmund next season. I mean the replacement options have seriously diminished over the past couple weeks...

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