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The Daily Bee (June 6th, 2017): Where will Philipp play?

And Bosz incoming!

Borussia Dortmund Celebrates Winning The DFB Cup 2017 Photo by Pool - Getty Images
  • Where will "Maxi" Philipp play?

Borussia Dortmund just bought another young winger. Another one, you ask? Yep. Do we really need him? Well let's take a look:

First of all we have to take a look at Philipp himself. He can play both winger positions, albeit he prefers the right side, can play centrally behind a striker and can even slot in at striker if there is a need. That's some very good versatility and for a team that will play close to 50 games every season that seems like a valuable guy to have especially considering that he's still young and developing but at the same time already an established Bundesliga player. Philipp will probably remind you a lot of Marco Reus when he plays which sets him apart from the likes of Dembélé, Pulisic and Mor. While those three are rather speedy dribblers that set up other players with their good runs and passes, Philipp is more of a finisher who gets himself into a good position to score. In addition he's fast, has excellent ball control, a good technique and good vision. In other words he really is a young Marco Reus.

Furthermore let's take a look at our depth chart in midfield:

On the wings we have Marco Reus who will be out for a lengthy period (again...). The teenagers Ousmane Dembélé and Christian Pulisic, the likely starters for next season. André Schürrle, who was injured for most of last season and when he played didn't actually look all that great. Emre Mor, a huge talent but there are rumors about a possible loan move surrounding him. And finally Jacob Bruun Larsen who is currently injured and will have to adept to the first team.

On paper that's a lot of depth but the two experienced players can't stay healthy and the rest are teenagers with little experience. Philipp is just 23 but he has already played 3 full seasons as a starter in the Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga. Having him in the mix isn't a bad idea.

Philipp can also play centrally behind the striker. Technically we should have enough players for that position with Mario Götze, Shinji Kagawa and Gonzalo Castro but Götze is still doubtful and Kagawa hasn't signed a contract extension yet. Pulisic could excel at the "10" position in the future but that would open up a hole on the wings yet again.

Last but not least Philipp provides depth at striker. With Aubameyang on his way out, Ramos already gone and Isak too young to rely on, Philipp gives BVB at least a little insurance up top. Expect Zorc to go for another striker if Auba does leave but Dortmund needed more depth at the position and Philipp gives them exactly that.

  • Peter Bosz likely new BVB-coach

According to several reports Borussia Dortmund have scheduled a press conference for 14:30h (CEST) where they will announce Peter Bosz as the new head coach of Borussia Dortmund. We will keep you updated as this story progresses.

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