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Dortmund’s 2017/18 Champions League kits leaked, and they’re absolutely beautiful

I’ll take 12.

The summer months can be boring and stressful. There is nothing other than international football to watch, and the constant uncertainty of the transfer window can be draining.

But the summer months also bring new kit leaks and announcements. So I guess the off-season isn’t that bad...

According to TodoSobreCamisetas, these will be Dortmund’s kits for the Champions League next season.

These certainly look like a legit leak, but they’re not officially confirmed by the club yet. But let’s hope they are soon because these are some beautiful shirts.

Obviously we knew what the colors would be, but the details on this kit make the difference. The black blurring effect on the sides looks really good, and thus the shirt isn’t relying on too much of a gimmick to blend the black and the yellow. The home kit doesn’t do this as well.

The club have already officially announced said home kit, and presumably they’ll announce this one soon too. Once that happens it should be released for sale to the general public.

We’ll get to see Dortmund debut these bad boys when they take the field in the Champions League Group Stage in early September.