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Crazy Town Rumors: Lech Poznan Striker Dawid Kownacki takes picture with Dortmund jet

Is he coming to BVB? Or just taking a pic?

ACF Fiorentina v KKS Lech Poznan - UEFA Europa League Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Transfer rumors are still abound this summer. With Aubameyang making funny Instagram captions and Spanish media clamoring for a Dembele move, Dortmund may be considering looking for a new forward.

Let’s join in on the tinfoil hat craziness of summer and look at the latest picture to send transfer wonks into a frenzy.

Above is striker Dawid Kownacki from Lech Poznan in the top league of Polish football. Behind him is the official BVB jet. Let’s make the connection you may all be thinking and wonder if this means Kownacki is on his way to Dortmund.

We don’t usually get behind the crazy stuff in the transfer world at FTW but Kownacki does fit the bill for a classic Zorc transfer. He is 20-years-old and has made a decent contribution in limited playing time for Lech Poznan with 9 goals in 27 league appearances.

He played for Poland in the U21 Euros where he scored a single penalty in extra time. He may be relatively unknown to most but those players are the ones that Dortmund usually strike gold on.

Let’s see if this long shot becomes a reality. The summer is long and full of terrors.