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Thomas Tuchel is out, so what comes next at Borussia Dortmund?

Three things that need to happen to keep BVB afloat

Borussia Dortmund Celebrates Winning The DFB Cup 2017 Photo by Pool - Getty Images

What we all expected to happen has finally happened. Thomas Tuchel and Dortmund have parted ways, barely three days after BVB’s triumph over Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB Pokal Final.

Tuchel went from hoisting a trophy, to sending out his resume. But because of the feud with Hans-Joachim Watzke a few weeks ago, we imagine TT has been doing that for a little while now.

No matter what you think of Tuchel’s forced-departure, this will be a crucial summer in the modern history of the club. It will be yet another summer filled with turnover and uncertainty.

Here’s what needs to happen in the immediate future for the club to avoid a regression next season.

Get Lucien Favre in ASAP

All signs point to Favre being our guy. The club have reportedly already had extensive talks with him, and seem to have already offered him a deal before the conclusion of the season.

There really aren’t a ton of other managers out there that fit our desired playing style, so Favre seems like the best option to me. We know about his success at Monchengladbach, and he’s just finished guiding Nice to a third place finish in Ligue 1. Fans of the French club will surely tell you that he has done great things since coming into their club in 2016. He wants to play the same type of pacey attacking football that we want to play.

He even successfully motivated Mario Balotelli to score 17 goals this year! If that’s not a quality coach I’m not sure what is.

Just pay him and announce the move as quickly as you can. The sooner he is settled and preparing for pre-season, the better.

Don’t sell key players!

Dortmund actually did well this season to finish third and win a trophy after having to rebuild so quickly last summer. But we can’t feel entitled to relative stability like that again. If key players are allowed to leave in the numbers they did last year, then we’re in trouble.

Aubameyang is out the door, but other than that BVB must retain their best players. The departure of Tuchel will only bring further attention to our stars from various clubs around Europe.

Make Favre official and then get him on the phone to call the players. If they’re home or vacationing in relatively close areas, go see them and start building a positive relationship. We can’t afford another player exodus from the club like we had last summer. If Dembele, Pulisic, Guerreiro or anyone is unsure about their future under Favre, they need to be re-assured by the manager and possibly by higher wages.

Dortmund once again assembled a very talented group of young players. It’s vital that they stay together in the aftermath of Tuchel’s departure.

Replace Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has asked to leave Dortmund. It might take a little while to narrow out all the details, but he’ll be leaving the club in the near future.

BVB will get a very nice fee for Aubameyang, a fee that needs to be re-invested immediately. Relying on someone like Andre Schurrle to be our lone striker next year is clearly a horrendous idea. The club have been linked with the likes of Patrik Schick and Alexandre Lacazette, but also with the likes of Bobby Wood and Maximilian Philipp. The new striker needs to be from the former category.

Really, we should’ve just paid the price for Lacazette a month ago. It might be too late now.

Dortmund can’t fail to replace Auba’s goals. That would leave a hole in their offensive production that could lead to a significant regression overall.

The money is there! Please spend it, Watzke.