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The Daily Bee (May 30th, 2017): Merino out on loan?

Borussia Dortmund Celebrates Winning The DFB Cup 2017 Photo by Pool - Getty Images
  • VfL Wolfsburg stay in the Bundesliga

VfL Wolfsburg have won the relegation playoff against Eintracht Braunschweig and are able to stay in Germany's top flight. The wolves beat Braunschweig twice with a 1-0 scoreline to secure their place among the top 18 teams in Germany.

In two very average games Wolfsburg were the slightly better (and luckier) side. However Wolfsburg should never have been in this place to begin with, the squad is far to talented to battle relegation and was pegged as one of the contenders for the top 6 in the Bundesliga before the season. Now the team has to analyze why they played such a disastrous season and how to improve. Don't be shocked if we see them battling for the international places next season.

  • Mikel Merino out on loan?

Mikel Merino has been one of the enigmas this season. Everybody can see that the kid is clearly talented but for some reason he was not able to show much of it in his first season with Borussia Dortmund. The young Spaniard appeared in just nine games and was mostly used as a center-back even though his best position is in midfield. Tuchel was not able to develop him like he did with Weigl, Dembélé or Pulisic.

Now there are an increasing amount of rumors about a possible loan move for the 20-year-old with teams like Gladbach, Köln, Valencia and Bilbao interested. A loan deal might be a good idea for Merino to get some much needed playing time.

  • Coaching change to cost BVB?

Now before we dive into this just a reminder to take everything with a truckload of salt from here on out. There has been written so much about the Tuchel/Favre drama that it is hard to know what is real and what is made up. Nevertheless two things seem pretty clear at this point: 1. Tuchel will get sacked, probably this week, and 2. Lucien Favre seems like the favorite to replace him.

BILD claim that this coaching-swap will cost Dortmund quite a bit of money. Thomas Tuchel has made it clear that he doesn't really want to leave which means BVB will have to pay him a dismissal wage of around 2.9€ million and to get Favre out of his contract they will have to pay 4€ million. That's actually a lot for a coach.

Hopefully all of this works out because if it doesn't Watzke & Co. will face some heavy criticism.

Daily Buzz: Here's the daily reminder that we won the Cup! What was your favorite part of the celebration? Bartra going insane? Pulisic drunkenly commenting on Tuchel's dancing? Sokratis holding up a blow-up doll with Klopp's face on it?

Personally mine was Passlack wearing glasses with "Rotze Voll" written on them.