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DFB Pokal Match Report: Dortmund wins a title

Ned Zelic of Borussia Dortmund

Pokal champions.

Pokal freaking champions!

BVB won the Pokal Final against Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 to get our first title in over three years. The goals came from Ousmane Dembele and Aubameyang on our side. Rebic scored the lone Frankfurt goal.

A game filled with chances and injuries for both sides. We opened the scoring early with Ousmane Dembele scoring one of his best goals of the season. He simply dribbles it right up to the opposing goalkeeper and shoots it over his head. An astounding goal from one of the best young talents in the world. The latter half of the half was back and forth. While BVB had a majority of the possession Frankfurt were trying hard to get a lone breakaway against Bürki. They eventually got their wish when Rebic got the ball on the break and beat Bürki 1v1. It’s hard to put the blame for the goal on one man but that goal did make the rest of the game very exciting. The half ended 1-1 after a few more chances from each side.

The second half started with us subbing Reus and Marcel for Pulisic and Castro. Both Reus and Schmelzer were hurting bad toward the end of the half. Post game Marco said he hurt himself during the first goal. Pulisic ended up being a huge difference maker. Him and Kagawa came insanely close to scoring our second goal early in the half. Another insanely close goal was an Aubameyang bicycle kick that hit the post. It really felt like that one should have gone it. Aubameyang did get his goal eventually. The winning goal came when Pulisic was hacked down in the box after a good run put him in a dangerous position. Auba took the penalty and converted it making it his second penalty in two games. Pulisic won his third penalty of the season which is more than the rest of the team combined. The game had a couple of close ones from there, but BVB managed to close it out.

This title is the first for many on BVB’s players. Most notable is Marco Reus, Dortmund's very own golden man, whose lack of metal was a narrative coming into this year for BVB. This is also the first title Tuchel has ever won with a men’s team. Hopefully this title can help us keep the coach past the summer. Post game Tuchel said he wants to honor his contract and there is a chance he could.

Overall this title makes this season a great one. Our Pokal run was very challenging throughout the year. It was a great year for BVB. FTW will have post season content coming up in the next few weeks reviewing our season.

What did you guys think of the game?