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Match Preview: Dortmund ends season against Frankfurt in the DFB Pokal Final.

One last game for the 2016-2017 year. Lets get it done!

Borussia Dortmund Pre-game Training & Press Conference Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

The whole year comes down to this. We have been one of the best teams in Europe this year but have nothing to show for it. With a disappointing third place finish in the league and a drama filled exit from Champions League, the Pokal Final is the last chance for this season to have serious worth. Frankfurt had a good season this year bouncing back from playing in the relegation playoff in 2016. They are not gonna go down without a fight. One game in Berlin for the season!

For our team the most important question is how we will play without Julian Weigl. Weigl is so important for how Tuchel has our team playing and missing him in a game as big as this is going to be rough. Without his passing we are going to struggle against this weaker Frankfurt side to keep possession. If Frankfurt press against us this weekend we will struggle as a team. While writing this I was struggling to think of the best lineup we could field to maximize our effectiveness without the midfield maestro. The oft odd BVB predicted lineup actually seems to be our best shot.

While alone Sahin and Guerreiro are not as good as Weigl, if they play together in the center of the midfield they could do a lot of work. Both are defensive minded and good at passing from the back. With the rest of our midfield not having a defensive bone in their body having both Sahin and Raph there could make a big difference. Between Kagawa, Dembele, Reus and Aubameyang we have so much opportunity to score goals. All of them have scored plenty of big goals this year and we only need one to step up. Our back line is back to full strength. Hopefully Bartra and Sokratis will be able to stop any break Frankfurt get. If this becomes a back and forth spectacle like against Werder Bremen those two will become our most important players.

If Frankfurt go five at the back and invite pressure we can defintely punish them. While we are not great at handling breaks, Having the four attacking personal we have with solid backup should get the job done. Hopefully if this is the last game for Aubameyang and Tuchel we can get them this last trophy. Their time at BVB has been so rewarding to watch, they deserve metal.

What are your predictions for the game?