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Report: Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Requests Transfer

I cry

Real Madrid CF v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Of course. Of course this has to come out just two days before the Cup Final. Of course.

According to Bild, Aubameyang has requested a transfer.

We’ll discuss this in detail in the coming weeks, because we don’t know 100% if it’s true. I have no reason not to trust Bild, but I think I’d prefer to wait for someone at the club to confirm the transfer request. If it is true, the implications are massive, both for the immediate future and the distant future.

For the distant future, this means the club needs to find a replacement, preferably this summer. We pointed out Patrik Schick and Alvaro Morata as possible replacements. The transfer rumor will likely find many others. All we know right now, is that unless the club just shuts him down and refuses to act, Auba is likely on his way out.

For the immediate future, the club still has to play in the cup final. Who can say how the players will react to this news? Or the fans? Will the dortmund fans boo him? Will he phone it in, or will he push extra hard? Who knows. The timing of this really couldn’t be worse, and I think it’s both irresponsible and disrespectful of Aubameyang to do this now.

It feels like the summer of 2016 (and 2014, and 2013) all over again.