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Why I’m a fan of Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund Training And Press Conference - UEFA Champions League Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

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Growing up in New York, I always thought it was weird when other kids rooted for teams outside the state. Why root for the Packers when you can choose between the Jets and the Giants? Or root for the Dodgers when you can choose between the Mets and the Yankees? After getting heavily invested in the 2010 World Cup I knew I needed to attach myself to a soccer team. The problem was the MLS wasn't filled with the talent I saw in South Africa. I was also not interested in rooting for a team in New Jersey named after a energy drink. While I was already familiar with a lot of the major teams in Europe but picking one was tough. So many teams like Barcelona and Inter Milan were fun teams with insane fans that were way crazier then anything we have in the states. But nothing gave me the high of watching my Knicks or Jets.

Now there were a lot of reasons one may have chosen to follow Borussia Dortmund in the fall of 2010.

1. They were playing very well.

2. They had insane fans. I remember describing the wall to a friend at the time as “25,000 Fireman Ed’s”

3. They had my absolute favorite player Shinji Kagawa.

4. They played a fun style of football.

But for me more then any other reason there was one huge factor that drew me to BVB. Their manager was an absolute nut-job and I loved it.

Borussia Dortmund Training And Press Conference Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jurgen Klopp was the center of everything Dortmund. This guy would jump and rave on the sidelines every game to get his players and the fans excited. I was mesmerized. The way he had the team playing was so enjoyable to watch. Every game felt like what I was used to seeing in the World Cup. The players were putting everything on the line for this raggedy looking oddball. Watching a team with a charismatic leader made it all the more fun to follow BVB. It was hard at first giving up weekend sleep but watching every game became habit for me. I signed on to this team for this nut and have not regretted it since. We won the title that season playing “heavy metal football”. It was so exciting at the time. Klopp continued to always impress even in his last “disaster” season.

Since BVB have continued to prove they are the right team for me. From their anti-bigotry campaigns to holding a charity match to help refugees they represent everything I stand for. Even though Klopp left, this club has only become more meaningful to me. From fan songs to playing a fun style of football to getting a new ex-Mainz kooky manager this club has it all.

Echte Liebe!

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