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Match Report: Insane back and forth match leads to Dortmund finishing third in the Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund v Manchester City - 2016 International Championship Cup China Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

I’m out of breath.

In our last home match of the season BVB beat Werder Bremen 4-3 to finish third on the Bundesliga table. Our goals came from Batman and Robin themselves. Both scored from open play and a penalty each. Aubameyang finishes the season as the lead scorer in the Bundesliga. Our most notable player in the starting XI was Marc Bartra who got his first start since the bus bombing attack. It was great to see him overjoyed crying after the game. He has all the makings of a black and yellow legend.

It’s hard to sum up quickly just how nuts this game really was. There was almost no defense played at all! For almost the whole game the teams went back and forth. We would get a counter then Bremen and so on. Our goals in the first half were phenomenal. The first goal came from a slick Sahin pass to Kagawa who gave Reus a great through ball onto a 1v1 with the keeper. Kagawa was on fire all game as he created chance after chance for Reus, Aubameyang and Ousmane. To one up himself, Kagawa embarrassed Bremen defenders with some FIFA-esq ball moves to create the second goal for Aubameyang. Aubameyang also made a spectacular finish on the goal pushing the ball with his leg fully extended into the goal. It’s insane he was able to get so much power on a shot he had to fully extend his leg for just to touch the ball. The first half wasn’t all fun and games as Werder Bremen scored the first goal. it was a weird one as it looked like Burki had saved it at first. Goal line technology ruled it a goal seconds later to give Werder that early lead. While it is annoying we gave up that goal, goal line technology proves it makes the game much more fair.

The second half is where things got wild. Pulisic came on for Durm to start the half. Then right as the half starts, Werder rips u that side of the pitch and gets the ball to Fin Bartles who scores. The second half of this game really showed why Tuchel has trusted Durm over Pulisic. While Pulisic made some very good attacking moves, he can’t stop players blowing by him on his side. Weder then got a few more chances, many of them coming from that side of the pitch until Max Kruse scored a third Bremen goal in the 68th minute. Here things looked grim for BVB. We had made some good defensive stops in the second half but we could not stop Werder. Also our chances were going no where. Things turned for us quickly as Reus was fairly given a penalty in the 75th minute and scored it calmly. That last 15 minutes were back and forth again between BVB and Werder Bremen. With TSG-Augsburg still at 0-0 anything could happen on our end of the Bundesliga table. Bartra made an insane last ditch save on Gnabry that would have given the 21 year old a 1v1 chance against Burki. The last goal came when Pulisic was brought down in the box and Aubameyang buried the resulting penalty. Aubameyang is not supposed to take the penalties but getting that goal got us third place and got him the Torjägerkanone for the season. You can tell Tuchel was joking yelling at Auba after the game for taking the penalty, but all is well that ends well.

After the game the players all enthusiastically celebrated with their manager. Their emotions tell a different story. The players have not turned on Tuchel. You don’t cry in the arms of a man who you think is cruel. Tuchel has now not lost a home game in two Bundesliga seasons. That is a amazing accomplishment in its own.

Overall we played both great and terrible at different points in the match. All that matters is we finish the season with the result we needed for UCL. Now to the Berlin where we play Frankfurt in the Pokal final.

What did you guys think of the game? MOTM?