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The Daily Bee (May 19th, 2017): How does BVB lock up 3rd place?

Borussia Dortmund v AS Monaco - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund -Pool/Getty Images

Tomorrow Borussia Dortmund will play their first of two "finals" remaining this season. On matchday 34 the black and yellows will take on Werder Bremen at home and will hope to secure a Champions League place for next season. However they could still drop to fourth place which would mean they would have to play a playoff round to secure a place in the group stage of the most important club competition in the world.

As of right now Dortmund and Hoffenheim are tied at 61 points each although BVB have the edge on goal difference, +31(68:37) to +27(64:37).

So let's take a look at all the possible outcomes:

  • BVB win-Hoffenheim draw/loss: BVB finishes 3rd
  • BVB draw-Hoffenheim loss: BVB finishes 3rd
  • BVB and Hoffenheim both draw: BVB finishes 3rd
  • BVB and Hoffenheim both win: BVB finishes 3rd in most cases except if Hoffenheim's win is 5 goals higher than BVB's (example: BVB 1-0 SVW; TSG 6-0 FCA)
  • BVB and Hoffenheim both lose: BVB finishes 3rd in most cases except if BVB's loss is 5 goals higher than Hoffenheim's (example: BVB 0-6 SVW; TSG 0-1 FCA)
  • If both end up with the same point total, goal difference and goals scored then BVB qualifies because of the advantage in the direct duel against Hoffenheim (2-2 draw in Hoffenheim, 2-1 victory at home)
  • Hoffenheim win-BVB draw/loss: BVB finishes 4th
  • Hoffenheim draw-BVB loss: BVB finishes 4th

It's a bit complicated but unless we'll see something completely crazy a win should seal 3rd place for Dortmund so let's hope the team can get the job done at home.

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