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Match Report: Dortmund and Cologne tie as pigeons steal the show.

Colombia Votes On Peace Accord With FARC Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Dortmund and Cologne played to a draw today in what may be the most boring game of the season from BVB. If there is anything to come out of this tie it is that we have clinched at least 4th on the Bundesliga table. One way or another we are going to get the chance for Champions League. With Hoffenheim playing tomorrow they could pass us on the table putting us in 4th with 3 games left to play.

The opening 25 minutes of the game were actually very exciting. Both BVB and Cologne had plenty of chances on goal and the game really seemed like it was going to end with more then a few goals. Things never really took off from there however. BVB did have plenty of chances the rest of the game but could not really finish anything. Part of this is due to the guys having off games. The offside flag also got in our way when two of our goals were rightly called offside. The thing that kept us from scoring more then anything else was Timo Horn who was easily man of the match. To list the under preforming players on our end would be a waste because everyone really underachieved in the XI. Overall it is hard to take anything from this game. After a hard fought win in the week everyone seemed a little worn out. I don’t think it is much cause for worry but only our next game will tell.

Now let us get to the REAL stars of the show, the pigeons. Around the 70th minute the game was getting quite stale. We were saved from this boring display by a couple of pigeons walking around the pitch during the game.

Everyone had some fun on social media with the pigeons as the brave little guys were the only thing worth watching this game.

If we can take anything away from the game it is live everyday of our lives like these pigeons, be brave, be confident, and never be afraid to let everyone know who the boss is.