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Player Ratings: Bayern 2-3 Dortmund

Sven Bender - Man of the Match

Borussia Dortmund Pre-game Training & Press Conference Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

A comeback win at the Allianz Arena against Bayern München secures Borussia Dortmund a place in the DFB Cup final. It was one for the ages with some incredible performances, let's take a look.


Thomas Tuchel: 9

This was an extremely difficult game and we did get lucky not to lose it and turn it around late because of a 19-year-old but I do think that Tuchel got it right this time, even his subs. Dortmund pressed high early on which was the right decision and gave us the 1-0 lead. After that Bayern dominated the game which will always happen when you play at the Allianz Arena. His idea to get Durm in there at halftime was risky but it proved to be the right move, he would've been torn to shreds if we would've lost the game but it was the right move to get us back into the game and give Dembélé the freedom on offense. He might have lost us a few games this season but Thomas Tuchel won us this one.


Roman Bürki: 10

It might not have been a perfect game from our goalkeeper, he did have some shaky moments but he made some HUGE saves that kept us in the game and later on saved the win for us. A signature performance from Bürki that will hopefully finally establish him as the true number 1 in the goal.

Marcel Schmelzer: 9

Three weeks ago he got absolutely destroyed by Robben in the 4-1 defeat, today he more than held his own. With Raphael Guerreiro helping him on the left flank he was able to contain Robben/Lahm for most of the game.

Sven Bender: 10 MOTM

It was a close one between him and Dembélé for "Man of the Match" but Sven Bender just played one of the best games of his career and saved our bacon on more than one occasion. He was exceptional on defense and calm and collected when we had possession, it really makes you think what would have been possible this season with a healthy Bender from the start.

Oh yeah and he did this:

Sokratis: 9

The "Greek Wall" kept our defense together as always, he denied Lewandowski on multiple occasions and was as disruptive on defense as always.

Lukasz Piszczek: 4

It has been a rough month for Piszczek. It's hard to tell if he's still reeling from the Bus-bombing or if he is declining but it seems clear that he has lost a step. Ribéry was able to run wild and create chance after chance for the Bavarians, granted the Frenchman is a great player but Piszczek seemed to be on the losing end of every single duel in the first half. In the second half Durm helped him control the right side but Dortmund might have to look for a replacement soon.

Julian Weigl: 5

This might have been Weigl's worst performance all season. The 21-year-old was uncharacteristically erratic on offense with a lot of inaccurate passes and because of his early yellow card he was limited in defense.

Raphael Guerreiro: 8

A very good performance from Guerreiro, especially on defense. Together with "Schmelle" he was able to contain Lahm and Robben on the left side while also having a few good moments on offense.

Gonzalo Castro: 5

Not the best 45 minutes from Castro, he was mostly occupied with defensive work and was for the most part ok doing it. However he was a non-factor on offense and got subbed off at halftime.

Marco Reus: 8

"Mr. 1-0" has done it again. Reus' influence on this team is undeniable, he is the leader and this team is clearly playing better when he is one the pitch, now he just has to stay healthy...

Ousmane Dembélé: 10

Considering his all-around performance in this game it is probably not worthy of a "10" but he did have those two moments of absolute brilliance that won us the game.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 8

He scored the equalizer and did we he had to do but it was still a quiet game from Aubameyang. He should've scored the opener early on but missed a huge chance and was kinda invisible the rest of the game.


Erik Durm: 8

This substitution could've backfired but it didn't, subbing on a wing-back at halftime when you're down 2-1 is a weird choice but it helped contain Ribéry. This allowed Dortmund to get back into the game and get some sort of control in midfield. Without Durm we don't win this game.

Christian Pulisic : NR

Came on late for Piszczek to get some fresh legs on the right side. Did a good job defensively.

Matthias Ginter: NR

Came on for Reus in stoppage time to take time of the clock.

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