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Who’s Out this Summer for Dortmund?

It’s April which means it’s a perfect time to look ahead to the summer and the crazy transfer news that comes with it

Brazil v Germany - Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 15 Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Thought’s of this summer’s transfer window are already well-ingrained into the heads of Borussia Dortmund fans and staff. With two moves made and a plethora of rumors swirling, the debate as to who is leaving, who is staying, and who is coming have taken full form.

It’s impossible to answer the latter two definitively, but there is a pretty clear idea about the first one. There’s already a bevy of interest surrounding some players while others have simply fallen too far out of favor.

So Who is Leaving?

Probably the question causing most of the anxiety about this summer, there are rumors surrounding numerous current BVB players regarding their futures with the club. But who will actually be on their way out this summer?

Sebastian Rode - brought in to fill more of a depth role, the defensive midfielder brought next to nothing upon his arrival and is one of Dortmund’s most disappointing transfers possibly ever. Granted he has struggled with injury for much of the season, Dortmund’s expectations for Rode were far from being met.

So where does he go? There’s currently a rumor that Rode will be joining FC Koln in the offseason but it appears to be simply nonsense. Koln Sporting Director Jörg Schmadtke has publicly said there is nothing to this rumor.

This leaves few domestic options for the midfielder, who will likely be loaned away in the summer as the acquisition of Mahmoud Dahoud leaves no room for Rode in the squad.

Matthias Ginter - one of Dortmund’s young defenders, Ginter has struggled this season and his exit this summer is reportedly being discussed. With a contract expiring in 2019, Ginter is one of Borussia Monchengladbach’s top interests this summer.

The cost would be affordable for Gladbach and it would make sense for the club which has a lack of defending options heading into next season. Since BVB recently signed Omer Toprak for the summer, unloading Ginter wouldn’t be a huge strain on the Dortmund defense with players like Sven Bender and Marc Bartra as suitable options.

There’s also a possibility Ginter could end up at RB Leipzig or even Liverpool as both have also expressed interest. However, the top candidate for Ginter remains Gladbach.

Roman Weidenfeller - before you, Dortmund are not looking to sell Weidenfeller this summer. However, with a contract expiring at the end of June and no talks of a possible extension, it appears as if BVB are ready to move on from the Weidenfeller era.

This is definitely going to be the most disheartening loss of the summer, but with retirement looming and a solid support from the Dortmund fan base, it’s unlikely Weidenfeller’s time with the club is over. While he might never play for Dortmund again, his value as a coach or executive assistant could be his biggest asset to the club for the future.

Dzenis Burnic - one of the many BVB Academy products who will be cracking first team lineups over the next few years, Burnic’s contract expires in 2018 and his hopes of playing a major role in the Dortmund squad have seemingly diminished. The best option for Dortmund, given he is entering the final year of his contract, is a loan deal with an option to buy permanently.

Although there are currently no interested parties, it will be interesting to see where Burnic lands. It would be best for Dortmund to loan him now and give him minutes rather than let him walk for cheap next summer if the club and player do not meet on an extension.

Pascal Stenzel - remember him? Yes, Dortmund still technically owns him and his contract expires this coming June. Stenzel has found success with his loan club SC Freiburg and has been a major defensive contributor there. With plenty of depth at right back, Stenzel’s minutes would be limited at best with Dortmund.

For the player, it is best to move on and sign elsewhere. With clubs Stuttgart and Hannover poised to return to the Bundesliga after a year of relegation, a possible destination may be with one of those two teams. Stenzel could also simply remain with Freiburg and look to sign a permanent deal there.

BONUS: Shinji Kagawa - while it might not look like Kagawa is going anywhere, the midfielder’s contract is set to expire in June 2018. If he does leave this summer, Kagawa may follow Ginter to Koln.

However, what could happen is a departure next January before his contract expires. At 28, Kagawa provides a sense of experience as well as a viable attacking option. We’ll see where he lands but it is beginning to look less likely that Kagawa will remain in Dortmund through next season.

What About Nuri Sahin? Another name mentioned in Dortmund’s ever-growing list of departing players. Sahin’s contract also expires in June 2018 and he has received heavy interest from several Turkish clubs. Given his value and ability in midfield, it is likely Sahin could earn a contract extension before the end of next season. However, it does not appear the Turk will be leaving this summer.

As of now, these players appear most likely to be leaving this summer. Notice that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Christian Pulisic ARE NOT on the list. There’s still a long way to go before the summer window even opens, but the above list is just meant to get the thoughts rolling.

Do you agree with our list or would you make any changes? Let us know in the comments.