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The Daily Bee (April 20th, 2017): Life goes on

Borussia Dortmund Bus Explosion Injures One Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images

Well, that was kinda disappointing wasn't it? It was certainly not Dortmund's best game this season but we'll have to consider the circumstances of this tie and personally I've got nothing but respect for this (very young) team and how they dealt with the entire situation. The team put on a valiant effort and even though it fell short in the end it's still an incredible performance given what they had to endure a week ago. Before we make any rash decisions about players, coaches or other personnel we should let the season play out, consider what the attack did to the team and analyze and evaluate the season accordingly.

Yes the club had a unique chance to get to the semis and it would have been exciting to go that far in the Champions League but the team is still young, has loads of potential and had a season marred by injuries. This team can achieve great things, we just have to give them time, now more than ever. Heja BVB!

  • Marc Bartra visits team

Even though we did not get the result we wanted, there were still a few enjoyable things about yesterday's game. For one Marc Bartra traveled with team and sat on the bench for the entire game and apparently he also got to speak to the team just before the game. It was pleasant to see him being greeted with standing ovations when he entered the stadium by both fan-groups.

  • Darmstadt "forced" into a new stadium?

SV Darmstadt 98 has been warned by the DFL for some years now and it seems that they've reached an impasse. During the yearly licensing by the DFL of all the clubs in the first two German football divisions, the DFL only gave Darmstadt a special license with a few stipulations regarding their stadium.

The Lilien have one of the oldest (and smallest) stadiums in Germany and now they got an ultimatum from the German football organization, either renovate and build a roof over the existing stadium or build an entire new stadium. If they don't do it, they could be forced to play their home games in another city.

Daily Bee: Talking about stadiums, which Bundesliga stadium (apart from the Signal Iduna Park) is your favorite?