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Player Ratings: Borussia Dortmund vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Juventus v Borussia Dortmund - Preseason Friendly Photo by Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

A great finish to an awful week. Personally I have to admit that I did not expect such a good performance just days after the tragic events on Tuesday. Important three points in the hunt for third place against a difficult opponent.


Thomas Tuchel: 8

Tuchel switched back to the 4-2-3-1 after the team played fantastic in that formation during the second half against Monaco. Maybe the comeback of Marco Reus and re-emergence of Nuri Sahin had something to do with it. Tuchel decided to with a very experienced starting eleven and it showed, the team played well and had the composure and creativity in midfield to put on a very good performance. The defense still has problems but most of them aren't to blame on the tactics but rather individual mistakes which have hurt BVB all season. In conclusion, just four days after the team was targeted by a terrorist attack, Tuchel found the right team to get the three points.


Roman Bürki: 8

A very good game from the Swiss goalkeeper, he made a few good saves and kept the goal safe as best as he could. The goal from Fabian was impossible to save especially after it got deflected by Nuri Sahin.

Marcel Schmelzer: 9

One of the best performances from our captain this season. He defended well and had a few good runs going forward.

Sven Bender: 8

"Manni" played just one half but it is very clear that he is the best option next to Sokratis in the coming weeks. He is defending well and his experience as a defensive midfielder comes in handy whenever he has to contribute to the build-up play.

Sokratis: 9 MOTM

He did that:

'nuff said.

Lukasz Piszczek: 5

Piszczek had a few problems in recent weeks. He has clearly lost a step this season which does not bode well when he has to go one-on-one with speedy wingers. Whenever Frankfurt launched a dangerous attack it came mostly through Piszczek's side. Furthermore "Pischu" had a few uncharacteristic bad passes that either halted our own attacks or led to Frankfurt counters.

Nuri Sahin: 8

It has been a difficult season for Sahin so far, he was injured, out of shape and he had Weigl ahead of him on the depth chart. A Weigl/Sahin pairing is usually a bad idea because they are so similar but the plus of experience and composure seems to help the team right now even though it leads to some weird moments, Tuchel should go with it right now. Moreover his pass that led to the 3-1 was marvelous.

Julian Weigl: 7

A solid performance from Weigl but he seems out of place sometimes with Sahin playing a similar role. Whenever he has to push up the pitch and play more like an "8" rather then a "6" he seems out of place.

Marco Reus: 8

The guy was injured since the start of March, starts a game and scores in three minutes. Dembélé, Pulisic and Mor are all incredible talents that will one day probably be world-class players but Marco Reus is still the best player on this team when he's healthy. The team just plays better when he's on the pitch.

Shinji Kagawa: 7

Kagawa has been in great shape for a few weeks now and had another solid performance against Frankfurt but he was a bit unlucky today.

Christian Pulisic: 8

The young American got the assist on Reus' early goal, he played on when most young players would've already given up on the play, a veteran move from the teenager. Beyond that he had a few good runs but he declined a bit towards the end of the game.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 7

He got his goal that sealed the victory for the black and yellows but he also missed a couple chances that could've decided the game way earlier.


Ousmane Dembélé: 7

Dembélé regularly mixes incredible plays with boneheaded mistakes, his vision and composure to set up Auba on the final goal were amazing but there was still a visible difference in the build-up with him in the game compared to Reus.

Matthias Ginter: 7

Would you look at that, Matthias Ginter played a good game (well at least half of one) without making any mistakes and defending well.

Gonzalo Castro: NR

Came on to late for a rating but he still had an amazing pass to open up Frankfurt's defense on one play.

Do you agree with the ratings? Let us know in the comments.