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Preview: Dortmund play Frankfurt to finish up a harrowing week for the players

Borussia Dortmund Bus Explosion Injures One Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images

It’s been a really rough week for Borussia Dortmund. There will be no respite though as we carry on our extremely busy April schedule. We are playing Eintracht Frankfurt who are having a very good bounce back season after narrowly escaping relegation in 2016. For injuries, Pulisic, Mor, Sahin and Raph will most likely not be in the squad and obviously Marc Bartra will not be available. The only good news to come out of this week is that Marco Reus will most likely play on Saturday after missing the last few games.

Last time we played Frankfurt they beat us 2-1 in the beginning of one of our roughest stretches in the season. We’ve been an entirely different team this second half however, and if the guys are feeling it, we should be able to dispatch a team like Frankfurt. However the key here is if whether they feel up to it. While Tuchel indicated that the team is feeling better, some of them may still be recovering from a traumatizing week. For a lineup We’ll probably see Burki-Piszczek- Sokratis- Ginter-Marcel-Weigl make up up the back line and part of the midfield with Aubameyang as striker. As for the rest of the team some combination of Kagawa, Castro, Rode, Durm, Dembele and Reus will be on the field depending on who is ready and what Tuchel thinks is best. Frankfurt has an extremely stable defense and it will be a tough one to score against. Last time we played them, the goals we let up were stupid mistakes. Unfortunately, our team is recovering from a couple of really stupid mistakes made against Monaco.

What is fortunate for us is that Frankfurt has not won a Bundesliga game since February 5th. That is one miserable stretch of games for Frankfurt as they seem to be returning to what they have been for the last few years. Defenders like Timmy Chandler and Bastian Oczipka are going to make huge problems for BVB. We will be lucky if Alexander Meier can’t play, as he has been the best player for Frankfurt this season.

What are your predictions for the match?