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Match Report: BVB squeak out win at home vs Ingolstadt

VfL Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images For MAN

Now breathe.

BVB won at home 1-0 to Ingolstadt, in what was a much closer game than it should have been. Our one goal came from Aubameyang in the 14th minute. The subs were Merino, Weigl and Schurrle.

The first half started really well for BVB. We controlled the game for the first 10 minutes without much trouble at all. The one goal of the game came from an impressive Kagawa dribble that got the ball to captain Schmelzer who crossed it for Auba to slot in. The goal itself was no easy feat, as Auba hit it at a tough angle past the goalkeeper. It was definitely one of his best goals of the season and it continues his current hot streak of goals this half of the season. After the goal the general feeling was that more were to come. We dominated for 15 minutes against the second to last place team at home, and now we’re up, easy win right? Well things didn’t go too swell from there. The next 75 minutes of the game was in Ingolstadt’s favor.

Ingolstadt had a ton of chances for the rest of the game. Ginter let up some really bad defensive plays especially some between the 47 and 52 minute mark, where he gave Ingolstadt 3 solid chances in that span. Ginter has not done well recently at CB and hopefully Tuchel stops playing him there, it’s just not working.

Our guardian angel this match, and easily the MOTM was Roman Burki. He was on fire the whole game saving all of his defenders’ mistakes, one after the other. He had some saves that you only see from the best goal keepers in the world. It’s safe to say if Burki didn’t bring his A-game today, we would have lost.

BVB did have some more solid chances throughout the game, but nothing much came from any of them. Our next best chance was a Kagawa cross to Sokratis who put it just wide of the net. Kagawa had a good birthday game all things considered, he set up the goal and was involved with numerous other chances. He even made a good defensive tackle in our own box to unleash Auba on a break.

Our team got a little more solid when Weigl came on, but for the most part things were still dangerous. We need to hope Weigl gets no playing time with Germany, we are gonna need him rested to play nearly every game in April. Pulisic did not have a great game, but he didn’t exactly do anything to hurt the team either.

What were your thoughts on our win vs Ingolstadt?