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Daily Bee(March 17th 2017): Rematch vs Ingolstadt

Christian Worns of Dortmund in action against Roque Santa Cruz Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
  • Game day

It’s time to get revenge against Ingolstadt. last time we played the sophomore side they managed to put three by us at home with late Christian Pulisic goal being the only thing that saved us a point. Ingolastadt haven’t fared much better then where we left them off in November currently sitting 17th on the table. We have had some trouble against the relegation worthy teams this season, let’s reverse that trend today.

  • The smurfs beat Gladbach

Eternal rivals Schalke are having themselves a ball in the Europa league. they beat BMG to advance yesterday as they try to win themselves some silverware. As their league form hasn’t been decent the past 7 years or so, this seems like their best chance to get a trophy in awhile. For banters sake, lets hope they make the final and fail eh?

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