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Christian Pulisic and Julian Weigl cheer on a Dortmund rubber ducky

It’s the Bunducksligaaaaaa

Giant Yellow Rubber Duck Exhibited In Seoul Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The Bundesliga is past its halfway point, but who cares? Soccer is cool, but we all know why we’re really here...The Bunducksliga!!!

There really aren’t a lot of words that can describe this video. You’ve just got to watch it for yourself.

Pulisic and Weigl cheering on a BVB rubber ducky is....not what I expected to wake up to today. But it is adorable. Maybe they chose Weigl and Pulisic because they were playing with rubber ducks not too long ago.

Also, why do Bremen get a gnome?!? I want a floating gnome.