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The Daily Bee (February 3rd, 2017): Merino added to Champions League squad. Isak left off

SpoBis 2017 - Day 1 Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images
  • Merino in UCL

BVB announced that Mikel Merino has been included to the Champions League squad for the knockout stages. With Adrian Ramos leaving BVB there was one spot left to fill and Tuchel decided an defensive addition was more crucial. This move means that the replacement for Ramos, Alexander Isak, is not in our Champions league squad. While some may be worried we have one less attacking option in our lineup, two way ties are generally won on defensive efforts more then goal scoring ones, so I think Tuchel is making the right choice here.

  • Hakan Calhanoglu banned for four months

One of our biggest rivals in the league are losing one of their star players for the rest of the season. A FIFA ruling passed down yesterday bans Hakan from play for 4 months. The penalty is because Hakan broke a contract in 2011 when he moved to Hamburg and did not return his signing bonus. Bad for Bayer, good for BVB.

  • Zorc says to stop bothering Aubameyang

On a small note, Zorc said to the press the other day that the press should stop asking Aubameyang about his future at the club because it distracts from the current season.

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