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The Daily Bee (February 20th, 2017): Götze on his way out?

Sporting Clube de Portugal v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images
  • The three amigos

Everyone is probably aware of the fact that André Schürrle, Mario Götze and Marco Reus are best friends. Just in case you don't believe it, here's a fun little interview with the three of them. Hopefully they can step it up on the pitch in the coming weeks because especially Schürrle and Götze have not been great since joining last summer.

  • Götze on his way out?

English outlets report that Liverpool has renewed their interest in Mario Götze. Take this one with a huge grain of salt but if Götze continues to rot on the bench (when healthy) and Tuchel does not find a way to incorporate him in the starting eleven there might be a discussion in the summer.

However to speculate about him leaving is way to early at this point of his second run in Dortmund. He has shown that he can be great (his game against Bayern) but he's still injury prone and young guys like Dembélé and Pulisic seem to be higher up in the pecking order.

  • BunDucksLiga result

I'm sad to report that "Nobby" could not bring home the most important title of the year. It's a fun little competition that the Bundesliga does every year and Borussia Dortmund finished third, behind Darmstadt and some other team....

Daily Buzz: Does Borussia Dortmund need Mario Götze? Are you confident he can still be the player he once was?