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Player Ratings: Benfica Lisbon 1-0 Borussia Dortmund

Tottenham Hotspur v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Well this be a bit weird, how do you grade a team that played well but still lost? Let's try.


Thomas Tuchel: 5

Another loss, the second one in a row but it feels wrong to criticize Tuchel for this one, contrary to the one against Darmstadt. The team played well and should have won with a two or three-goal margin if it weren't for a certain striker missing chances (oh I'll get to that). On the other hand a loss is still a loss and we still can't defend set-pieces. In addition you could criticize his decision to sub off Reus instead of Durm for Pulisic. However I still feel like this one is on the players and not the coach.

Starting XI:

Roman Bürki: 5

He didn't look great on the goal we conceded but it wasn't exactly his fault. Mitroglou was literally just a yard out and got lucky on his first touch. Other than that it was a quiet game for our Swiss keeper.

Erik Durm: 3

He ran offsides 3 times...that's it, that's all he did.

Lukasz Piszczek: 6

Solid game from "Pischu", he defended well.

Sokratis: 2

Now that might seem a bit harsh but Sokratis was the one who was supposed to mark the aforementioned Mitroglou. It was his only mistake but it cost us. It's unacceptable to be two yards away from your opponent on a corner-kick.

Marc Bartra: 7

All-around solid performance, he defended well and showed signs of his passing-skills that we saw earlier this season but somehow vanished after he came back from his injury.

Marcel Schmelzer: 5

He lost a few duels on his side of the pitch and he was caught out of position on some occasions but Bartra was able to cover him most of the time.

Julian Weigl: 8

Good, as always. He's still at the start of every single of our attacking-sequences.

Raphael Guerreiro: 6

Good game from Guerreiro, he had some nice passes and was better at dictating the pace of the game. Give him a few more weeks and he really can be our Gündogan-replacement that we need.

Ousmane Dembélé: 7

He did his usual shtick of schooling players but it is still concerning that we have to rely on the brilliance of a teenager to create any kind of offense, even if he is the best teenager in the world.

Marco Reus: 6

Reus has to show more than he's done in recent weeks. He is the face of this club and one of the leaders of this team but he has been inconsistent in recent weeks. This game was another mixed bag for the Dortmunder Jung, he had some good moments but it was not enough to make a sensible difference.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 0

This was disgraceful.

We should have won this game or at least have scored an away-goal but we did not do any of those things and Aubameyang is the one who is to blame. PEA has been awful since coming back from the AFCON but that hasn't kept him from talking about being destined for bigger things. These comments were sort of accepted when he produced on the field, but if he keeps playing this way those comments will come back to haunt him.


André Schürrle: 5

Was mostly invisible.

Christian Pulisic: 8

He played for just ten minutes but he played well during that short period of time. Pulisic had a couple good runs and had a shot on target that could've equalized if it weren't for Ederson's heroics.

Gonzalo Castro: 5

Did not make a difference once he came on.