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Daily Bee (February 14th, 2017): Return of the Champions League

The Road to Cardiff continues...

Lars Ricken

Gilles is still off doing... something, so here I am writing the Daily Bee. This is my first appearance, and I am truly honored to bear such a tremendous responsibility.

So, Europe’s yearly decline in evening-hours labor productivity begins tonight. BVB will take on SL Benfica, and in France, the new Julian Draxler-induced Paris Saint-Germain will face FC Barcelona.

My predictions: 4-2 BVB, and 3-1 Barca. Je suis désolée, mes bons amis.

On to the Links!

  • The squad arrived in Lisbon:

. . . . .

Last week’s DFB-Pokal match against Hertha was the first time ever that two sides in a major European League have fielded a combined 30 players. (source)

. . . . .

Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Münich have a brilliant plan to beat Arsenal, one that I myself never would have considered. (source)

. . . . .

This past weekend, after being on loan at RB Leipzig for the first half of the season, Kyriakos Papadopoulos struck against his former club to help Hamburg to a 3-0 win against RB Leipzig. It really would have been nice if BVB had taken advantage. (source)

. . . . .

This: (source)

The Daily Buzz

We’re going to discuss BVB’s matchup with Benfica in other articles... how do you guys think the other matches will play out? Will PSG upset Barca? Will Arsenal ascend beyond mediocrity? Will Leverkusen pose a challenge to Atletico, who have struggled this season?

Let’s hear your thoughts!