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BVB fans attempt to bring weapons, drugs and fireworks to Darmstadt

Juventus FC fans

After a DFB ruling the other day fining BVB and banning fans from the the wall for a game, BVB fans have decided to one up their stupidity. Police and BVB report two buses of BVB ultras were stopped then turned around when weapons, drugs and pyrotechnics were found. Among the weapons were MMA gloves and brass knuckles.

It is clear that these fans were looking to cause trouble at the small Darmstadt stadium. Why they would do this after they already got in trouble for attacking Leipzig fans last week is unclear. This continues a troubling trend among some BVB ultras the past few years who have gotten increasingly violent.All football teams in Germany have factions of fans that get into this sort of trouble, but that does not excuse the actions of these fans. There is no word yet on whether BVB will be punished for the actions of these fans. The club released a statement saying they were working with the police and turned in information to the police.

Premeditated assault is a serious matter and hopefully the fans involved will be penalized by the law swiftly.