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Match Preview: BVB head to Darmstadt

Real Madrid CF v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

No rest for the wicked. After a midweek cup tie that went to penalty kicks, the season moves on as BVB head to Darmstadt. With DFB punishments and UCL looming this game will be more important for BVB’s confidence then anything else. Darmstadt are in last place in the Bundesliga. They only have 9 points over 19 games. Schmelzer, Dembele, Götze and Piszczek are not in the squad according to RN.

For BVB the key to this game is very simple, don’t make dumb mistakes. Darmstadt are not a quality team by any stretch of the imagination, it will be all about being defensively solid. Darmstadt have no dangerous goal scoring options and arent to great in the back either. It will be up to Sokraits and Ginter/Bartra to hold things together in our backline. Last time we played a bottom of the table team that couldn't score, we gave up 3 goals at home. Lets hope that doesn't happen again. With both our starting fullbacks hurt, maybe we’ll see Passlack, Durm or Raph in the fullback positions for this game.

Darmstadt have the second worst defense so far this season. Last time we played them we beat them 6-0. If BVB have trouble scoring then we know we are in trouble. We may be resting some important players in the midfield this game to have everyone fit for Benfica later in the week. However Aubameyang will still probably start as Isak won’t be in the squad. The BVB predicted squad has a midfield of Pulisic, Castro, Kagawa, Schurrle and Weigl. If that is what the lineup ends up being, we are putting a lot of pressure on Castro and Kagawa to not mess up defensively. Pulisic and Schurrle are both great options on the wings , lets hope they both have good games. Auba has had finishing issues the past few games, an easy game against Damrstadt may restore some of his confidence.

The biggest thing to look out for this game will be how Tuchel manages the subs. With our game against Benfica, he will prob have to sub Auba at some point this match. The other two subs will be crucial for the UCL. Benfica may be from a weaker league but they will be a tough opponent over two legs. Darmstadt on the other and should be easily dispatched.

Match Predictions?