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German FA hit Dortmund with partial stadium ban

Fallout from the match with Leipzig.

Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images For MAN

The German FA decided on Friday to punish Dortmund for scenes during their recent match with Red Bull Leipzig. The punishment comes in the form of a partial stadium ban, but it is not a punishment for the violent attacks that occurred outside the Westfalenstadion.

Instead, the German FA is punishing BVB for offensive banners unfurled on the Sudtribune before and during the match. There will also be a €100,000 fine for the club.

ESPNFC has the full translation of the DFB’s statement on the matter.

The chairman of the DFB control panel, Anton Nachreiner, said that the "vilification and defamation of individual persons and clubs through banners and abusive chants is not acceptable and has to be sanctioned."

He added that the "severe misconduct" demanded a "massive intervention of the DFB bodies."

Borussia Dortmund have been given until Monday to reply and could take the case before the DFB sports court if they decide to reject it. The club announced on their website that they will review the motion and submit their answer on schedule.

Despite this ruling, the fight is not over. Dortmund have the option to appeal against the punishment, which they very well might do. If not, they will have to close a section of the famous Yellow Wall for a match in the future.

The ban comes after Dortmund had been on a suspended sentence for a stadium ban, due to incidents during the DFB Pokal Cup Final last May.

Meanwhile, charges are being pressed against the people who attacked Leipzig fans before the match. The DFB is unable to discipline BVB for the events outside the stadium.

What do you think? Is this partial stadium ban fair? Surely Dortmund are not the only club with fans who display “derogatory” banners?