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Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich, Player Ratings: Bürki, Crossbar both men of the match

Another defeat to our Bavarian rivals.

Borussia Dortmund v Manchester City - 2016 International Championship Cup China Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Dortmund in the first half? Turn away from the TV, because it’s too painful too watch. Dortmund in the second half? Better. Dortmund in the second half of the second half? Actually good. Still, it was too little too late, and die Schwarzgelben succumbed to a stronger Bayern Munich side 2-1 to be eliminated from the DFB Cup.

Peter Stöger: 4/10

When guys aren’t man-marking or playing with passion, it’s at least partly the trainer’s fault. The five man back-line experiment was also a failure, but at least Stöger recognized this and adjusted accordingly.

Peter Stöger’s Jeans: Slightly nicer wash than in games past. Still denim: 5/10

Roman Bürki: 8/10

Let’s be honest, without Roman Bürki last night the score probably would’ve been 5-1. Or 6-1. Or 10-1.

Toljan (subbed off at ’87): 5/10

Toljan started the game with some great hustle and good challenges. Still way too easy to advance the ball against him.

Sokratis: 4/10

Sokratis let Süle get a clear header at ’12 and didn’t seem to know who to mark. Was better in the second half.

Marc Bartra (off at ’34): 2/10


Omer Toprak: 4/10

Toprak was a non-factor in the first half. Lewandowski always seemed to be wide open, and Toprak was at least partially to blame for this.

Marcel Schmelzer: 5/10

OK, so he completely forgot to mark Thomas Müller at ‘40, but who of us, at least once in our lives, hasn’t forgotten to mark Thomas Müller? Plus, Schmelzer had some nice overlapping runs in the second half and was instrumental in the buildup to Yarmolenko’s goal.

Shinji Kagawa: 6/10

Glorious cross to Yarmolenko to set up the lone goal. Kagawa was dangerous, but not as dangerous as he could’ve/should’ve been.

Mahmoud Dahoud (subbed on at ‘34): 5/10

This was Dahoud’s best performance of the season. Had some of his characteristic giveaways, but looked confident in the second half, and at times looked like a veritable general (OK, maybe lieutenant) at the top of the 18.

Julian Weigl: 4/10

Not the best game from Weigl. Could’ve done a better job dribbling to space in first half. Better in second half.

Raphael Guerreiro (subbed off at ‘55): 3/10

Tough first half for Guerreiro. At least one terrible giveaway. Subbed off at ’55.

Christian Pulisic: 6/10

Still tried to do too much at times but was one of the few Dortmund threats. Needs to figure out what to do when bigger, stronger players run him off the ball. Beautiful cross to Yarmolenko that should’ve been finished.

Andrey Yarmolenko: 6/10

Yes, he had Dortmund’s only goal. But other than it was, “Andrey Yarmolenko: Where Dortmund’s momentum goes to die.”

André Schürrle (on at ’55): 4/10

“There’s a leprechaun on the field!” I exclaimed, when he came on at ‘55. Schürrle was better than performances past but still average/below average. Might be leaving in January.

Alexander Isak (’87): N/A

A trembling reed in a Bayern storm. Hard to blame him when he plays four minutes every 10 games, though.