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The Daily Bee (December 20th, 2017): Thank you Tomáš Rosicky

Hamit Altintop of Schalke tussles with Thomas Rosicky of Dortmund Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images
  • Tomáš Rosicky

Former BVB-player Tomáš Rosicky has officially announced his retirement from football. Sadly his continuing health problems forced him to retire in the midst of the season with his current club AC Sparta Prague.

Rosicky is a BVB-legend and counts as one of the most talented players to ever wear black and yellow. The midfielder played 189 games (24 goals, 46 assists) for Borussia Dortmund in 5 seasons. His crowning achievement was winning the Bundesliga title with BVB in 2001/02.

“Schnitzel” or “Little Mozart” as he was called among BVB-fans was one of the most beloved players in the early 2000s and influenced several BVB players such as Marco Reus who once stated: "My idol was always Tomáš Rosicky. He was phenomenal. I copied everything about him – right down to his sweatbands."

Thank you Tomáš Rosicky!

  • Maximiliano Romero

Yesterday we wrote about a report from Bild stating Romero would be close to a potential transfer to Dortmund, however that seems to be wrong. Instead the youngster is expected to sign a deal with PSV Eindhoven this week. His agent, Rolando Zarate, stated “Dortmund was never an option” and “Romero is joining PSV for their training camp in Miami” (comments from Eindhovens Dagblad).

Borussia Dortmund have extended their partnership with marketing agency Lagardère Sports until 2026. The company will continue to market BVB’s national and international advertising, media and hospitality rights. However the deal is supposed to significantly improve Dortmund’s conditions from 2020 onwards. This is yet another deal that might help BVB close the gap on Europe’s top clubs.

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